2ptCircle $6.00 Create a 2D circle by specifying the diameter end points. The circle will directly face the Camera. more info
2ptPerspective $6.00 Quickly change the Camera setting, via 3 options, to obtain a 2 point perspective more info
3DTextTool $12.00 Create 3D Text without ever leaving SketchUp! Just type the Text string you want, pick your Font, click OK. Edit capability too. Now works with Pro and Google SketchUp! more info
3ptCircle $6.00 3ptCircle will create a circle through triangulation. After you choose three points, the circle will be created to fit those points. more info
AddConstructionPoint $4.00 Add Construction points anywhere by left clicking. more info
AnimatedClock $4.00 Impress your coworkers with an Animated Clock! (It keeps accurate time too!) more info
CenterPoint free Add a construction point to the middle of your selection. more info
CloseOpens $20.00 This script looks for lines that are supposed to touch and don't, and then draws a line connecting the open segments. This is one of several good CAD cleanup scripts. more info
DashedLines $20.00 Converts regular lines to dashed lines. Choose from several patterns. more info
DeleteShortLines $10.00 This script will remove those annoying little lines that overshot their target. Good for use with CAD cleanup chores. more info
ExplodeImplode $20.00 exim.rb allows you to quickly create exploded parts drawings. It will put them back together too. more info
ExtendCloseLines $20.00 A CAD cleanup script. This script will find lines that are fall short of touching their intended target and extend them in a straight line to touch their intended target. more info
FixGroupNames free This scripts fixes a problem with exporting a model with Groups defined to AutoCAD. more info
Flatten $10.00 Flattens 3D objects to 2D, placing all entities on the Z=0 plane. more info
HideAll free Hide all unselected Objects in your model more info
HideTool free Left click to hide anything and everything you click on more info
IntersectOverlaps $20.00 Causes lines that cross and do not intersect to intersect. more info
LayerChange free Control the Active Layer by Right Clicking a Selection more info
LinearLength $4.00 Calcuates the linear length of all selected edges. more info
MakeFaces free Makefaces.rb loops through your model and creates faces where faces need to be created. more info
MoveToOrigin free Quickly move your whole model or the selection to the Origin more info
MoveToOriginAndCenter free Moves the entire selection to the axis origin, and places the models center at the origin. more info
NoteCameraPoint $4.00 NoteCameraPoint will place a construction point and a Text label at the current Camera Location in space. more info
Nudge $16.00 Nudge (move) objects via the ARROW keys small or large distances. Updated for SketchUp 2014. more info
ProgressBar free Displays a progress bar on the status line while a script is running. Several scripts need this script to run. It may also be used by other script writers. more info
RemoveMaterials free A Script that quickly removes all assigned materials from a selection. more info
ReverseFaces free After activating the tool, a left click will reverse any face. Allows for faster management of backwards faces. more info
SceneRename free Quickly renumber and/or rename Scene Tabs more info
StrayLines free Label, Select, Delete or Show all the open-ended line segments in a drawing. This is an EXCELLENT script for assessing how much cleaning up an imported CAD drawing will need. more info
TextLabelOverride $8.00 TextLabelOverride allows you to change the default text for Text Notes that use Leaders. more info