General Questions

Where does the name "Smustard" come from?
How do I request a script?
If I purchase a script, is there any restriction on how I can use it? For instance, can I modify it and use it in either a free, or non-free application which I decide to distribute myself?
I work for a company that wants to install multiple copies of a free plugin, but the EULA says that "entities" must purchase licenses for each computer. What do we need to do?

Getting Smustard Scripts

I have the Smustard Toolbar. but my email address changed. How can I reset my email?
I lost/accidentally deleted a script I purchased. How can I get it back?
I did not receive an email with download instructions. What do I do?
How does the checkout process work?
What if I can't/won't use PayPal?

Installing Smustard Scripts

Where do I save the scripts I download?
I can't find plugins I downloaded in Windows Vista/7/8. Where are they?
I lost/accidentally deleted the script I just purchased. How can I get it back?
OSX - Why am I getting an error message when I launch SketchUp?

Using Smustard Scripts

Will Smustard scripts and plugins work in my version of SketchUp?
Are your scripts compatible with my computer's OS?
The script I downloaded does not work. What do I do?
Do I need to know how to program to use Ruby Scripts with SketchUp?
I'm having problems with PageExIm (SketchUp v8 and earlier)