SceneExporterPro v.1.085
by Rick Wilson


description Export scenes to image files

usage SceneExporterPro allows you to mass export image files of your SketchUp model. Image size and type are controllable, and you can select which scenes to export. The webDialog automatically updates as you add, change, or remove scenes from the model.

The plugin is accessed from the View menu (see image at right), and opens the dialog (see image below) that lists the scenes in the model, initially preselecting the scenes that are included in the slideshow, but remembering the previously selected scenes after that. Clicking on the scene name in the dialog will make that scene active in the SketchUp drawing window to preview the scene before (un)selecting it for export.

Once the scenes to export have been selected, verify the settings. The initial default size is the drawing window size, but several preselected sizes are available, plus users can specify custom export sizes using optional aspect ratio locking. The default format is .jpg, but .bmp, .png, and .tif formats are also available.

For .png files, background transparency is available for SketchUp 2015 and higher.

After the settings are verified, click the "Export" button to export all the selected scenes using the specified settings. The scenes will be saved to the same folder as the model, and will have the model name plus the scene name. For example, if the model is named "MyModel" and the scene is named "Scene 3", the resulting image will be named "MyModel - Scene 3".

To save the settings and close the dialog, but not export images, click the "Done" button. To close the dialog without saving any settings you may have changed, click the "Quit" button.

Happy image exporting!

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