2ptPerspective v.2.100
by Todd Burch
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description Quickly change the Camera setting, via 3 options, to obtain a 2 point perspective

usage 2ptPerspective allows you to orient the camera to quickly and precisely achieve a proper 2-point perspective.

You get 3 options for obtaining a 2-point perspective:
  1. By changing the Tilt of the Camera
  2. By moving the camera to the proper height
  3. By interactively selecting the point on the model that you wish to be the center of the viewport, and the camera will be moved to point to the target point you chose, and the camera will be set to display a 2-point perspective.
The script shows up in the Camera menu and contains three submenu selections.

Tilt the Camera

Before the Tilt. The camera is left in the exact same spot, but it's upward or downward tilt is adjusted to create a 2-point perspective.

After the Tilt

Move the Camera

Before the Move. The camera is physically moved to point at the current target, but on the plane and at the tilt required to produce a 2-point perspective.

After the Move

Select the Center

Before Selecting a Center Point. Left click the point that you want to place at the center of the viewport (see mouse pointer in the example), while at the same time creating a 2-point perspective. The camera is moved and tilted however necessary to achieve the proper result.

After Selecting a Center Point

Last updated: V2.1 June 30, 2008

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