ExplodeImplode v.1.200
by Todd Burch
$20.00 unavailable
description exim.rb allows you to quickly create exploded parts drawings. It will put them back together too.


Explode/Implode is a script used to explode parts/assembly drawings. It allows full control over where the Groups and/or Components get placed. It will also implode the parts back together. Your settings are remembered with the drawing.

Explode/Implode is a Right-Mouse-Button context sensitive script. It only shows up when you right click on one or more Groups and/or Components.

When you download the script, you will get a .ZIP file that includes the script, exim.rb, and a help file called exim_help.mht. When unzipping, both of these files need to be placed in the /Plugins/ folder. Once installed, you can access the full (lengthy) help file by right-clicking a Group/Component in your session.

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