Greeble2 v.2.300
by Chris Fullmer
description Add Greebles to faces as a quick way to add detail to a model.

usage A Greeble is an extra bit of geometry added to a model to give it complexity. It was invented by the Star Wars model amking team and has been a staple of 3d software ever since. This script does not do very elaborate greebles, but it does the basics pretty well.

UPDATE! to version 2.2! Script now works inside Groups and Components! (it used to crash if you didn't notice :( )

These are the Input settings:

Min Height: Minimum height of the greeble

Max Height: Maximum height of the greeble

Min Offset: Minumum offset for the new greeble face

Max Offset: Maximum offset for the new greeble face

Offset or Original Face (1 or 0): Set this to 1 or 0. The tube image below is the only shown example where it was set to 1. All others show 0 setting.

Scale: Scale the greeble. 100 is no scale change. 20 would be 20% the original size - much smaller. 200 = 200% or twice the original size.

Flat grid Greeble

This is a flat grid that has been "Greebled"

Disco Ball

Sphere that was greebled like a Disco Ball.

Spike Ball

Sphere that was Greebled with spikes.


Greebled tube. In this example it was the outer face that was push/pulled.


I hope that helps gives some ideas of how Greeble can be used!


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