ImageProfile v.1.000
by Rick Wilson
description Automatically create components from image files SketchUp 6 or higher

usage ImageProfile creates components from transparent PNG image files. It includes an algorithm to trace around the image for more realistic shadows for people, trees, etc. Images can be oriented flat (horizontally) or vertically for creation of plan-view and elevation/perspective-view entourage. Origin point presets are middle-bottom or center of image, with vertical offset option for plan-view objects to cast shadows, and FaceMe option for vertically-oriented objects (people, trees, etc).

Note: The plugin requires SketchUp 6 or higher and an active internet connection to operate.
The plugin requires the purchase of image processing credits.

  1. Start a new model. Do not run the plugin in an existing model!
  2. Select "Image Profile" from the Plugins menu. The first time you do this after downloading, you will be asked to provide your email address and to create a password (to protect your credits). After you create a password, and on subsequent runs, this will bring up the dialog box
  3. Select a PNG file to process (will be uploaded to for processing). The model must be on your computer, or accessible through a letter-mapped network drive. The plugin cannot read non-mapped network locations!
  4. Input an actual height for the finished component
  5. Select an accuracy level (note that lower accuracy levels may cut off parts of the image during the tracing process)
  6. Select an orientation (horizontal or vertical). Following options will then be preset, but may be manually changed.
  7. Click "Process"
The PNG file will be processed on our server, and the data sent back to SketchUp, where the image will be traced, sized, oriented, and saved as a component in the same folder as the original image file.

The lower-left corner of the SketchUp window (the status bar area) will have information about the progress of the image processing. Most processing should take just a minute, though the overall time could be several minutes, depending on image complexity and internet connection speed.

Purchase image processing credits

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notice By downloading and installing this plugin, you indicate that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement (EULA). Prices subject to change.