Nudge v.1.600
by Todd Burch
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description Nudge (move) objects via the ARROW keys small or large distances. Updated for SketchUp 2014.


Nudge moves one or more objects in any (orthogonal) direction via keyboard keys.

There used to be two nudge.rb scripts: nudge.rb and nudge_01.rb. The original nudge.rb has been replaced with nudge_01.rb and is now called nudge.rb.

This script is used to tweak the positions of objects per a user specified distance via the keyboard ARROW keys. Everything in the selection set will be moved. When you activate the tool, you enter a nudge distance. It can be as small or as large as you want. When nudging, if you have a long ways to move an item, you can use the SHIFT key along with the regular ARROW keys to multiply the distance by a factor of 10. For instance, if you want to nudge a building 1 meter in your cityscape, and you needed to move it a total of 10 meters, you would simply press the SHIFT+ARROW key once.

The following keys control movement:

  • LEFT ARROW moves in the -X direction.
  • RIGHT ARROW moves in the +X direction.
  • UP ARROW moves in the +Y direction.
  • DOWN ARROW moves in the -Y direction.
  • CTRL+UP ARROW moves in the +Z direction.
  • CTRL+DOWN ARROW moves in the -Z direction.
Keep tapping on the keys until you have moved the object as much as you want. If you want to change the nudge distance while using the tool, left-click the mouse for the Set Nudge Distance dialog popup.

Use the LEft/Right Arrow keys to move along the X axis. Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to move along the Y axis. Use CTRL+Up and Down Arrow keys to move along the Z axis (Mac and PC).

UNDO: Each time the object is moved (nudged), another UNDO record is created. Moving an object any kind of distance will quickly push off any UNDO records from prior actions.

  • July 19, 2006: V 1.3 - fixed a bug that could crash SketchUp when nudging inside a group or component.
  • August 23.2006 V1.4 - Get rid of usage of global variables.
  • January 11, 2007: V 1.5 - Updated for SketchUp V6 - Mac had a problem since the Ruby Version changed.

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