Organizer v.1.400
by Rick Wilson
$6.00 coming soon...
description Organize your plugins menu!

usage NOTE: There have been some issues reported with using this on Mac, so until they are resolved, this (unfortunately) is for PC only, for now. I will post a revised version when it works on Mac

1. Back up your plugins folder! and save the downloaded Organizer.rb file into your Plugins folder.

2. In Sketchup, click on Tools>Organizer>"Edit plugins to make compatible with Organizer". This will edit most of your existing ruby scripts to work with Organizer.rb. Ruby scripts that go into menus other than the Plugins menu will not be edited, and will not be organized in their menu items, but they can be organized in subfolders.

3. Create subfolders in your Plugins folder, according to how you want your scripts organized, then move the edited scripts to the appropriate folders.

4. Restart SketchUp. The Organizer script will read the directory structure, creating submenus for each directory. The submenus will have menu items for the scripts located in those folders (unless those scripts are located in other menus).

5. If you have problems when you restart SketchUp, select Tools>Organizer>"Test file locations for Organizer compatibility" - this will give a list of required files that must be located in the Plugins folder directly. Make sure those files are located correctly, then restart SketchUp.

6. If you still have problems when you restart SketchUp, then you probably have one or more subfolders that support other plugins, and these subfolders need to be excluded. In a plain-text editor (like Notepad), open the file "SmustardOrganizerExcludeFolders.txt" and add the names of any subfolders you did not create for using Organizer. Save the file, then restart SketchUp.

Developers: Please review the API notes on our forum, and contact me about testing for compatibility.

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