Repaint v.1.200
by Rick Wilson


description Use menu selections to replace one color or texture with another.

usage Select a color or texture to replace and select a replacement color or texture.

This is useful for easily replacing identical or nearly-identical materials having different names, usually as a result of importing components into the model. For example, replace <brick>1 and <brick>2 with <brick>

  1. When replacing with materials, the desired material must already exist in the model
  2. When replacing with colors, the palette is limited to the built-in named color palette, without leading numbers (this is a function of the Ruby API).
  3. A list may be longer than allowed by the screen height. To access other items on the list, type the first letter of the material and/or use the up and down arrow keys to select the specific material. You can also use the 'Page Up' key to access the top of the list and the 'Page Down' key to access the bottom of the list.

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