SUAPIHelpMenu v.1.100
by Remi Goux
description Add The complete ruby API to the Help menu.


The Sketchup Ruby class hierarchy is appended to the Help menu.

In each class or module submenu:

  • The first item displays the class/module name and genealogy.
    When selected, the item will dump a summary for the class to the ruby console.
  • The second item displays the class included modules, if any.
  • Further disabled items may list the class descendants, if any.
  • The remaining items display the class/module methods.
    Class methods come first and use the "Class::method" notation. Instance methods follow.
    When selected, any item will dump a 1-line summary for the method to the ruby console.
  • The last item will open the related documentation in a web browser.

The "#arity: n" comment displayed in the console shows the number of parameters that a method takes. Negative numbers denote optional parameters, or a variable length parameter list.

Important notice: Because of an arbitrary limit imposed by the Microsoft Windows™ operating system on the number of menu items allowed inside any given application instance, SUAPIHelpMenu could create serious problems in all flavors of Sketchup for Windows™, such as disabling the last few items in the Sketchup contextual menu. As a consequence, SUAPIHelpMenu has been disabled and will not load for this particular OS. SUAPIHelpMenu will continue to work normally on the Mac OS X operating system.

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