ToggleText v.1.000
by Rick Wilson


description Toggle text visibility in SketchUp 7+

usage SketchUp 7+ has the capability to toggle text display on and off, similar to how the display of guides, section planes, hidden geometry, and axes can be turned on or off. Similarly, the text visibility setting can be saved to a scene, and can vary between scene tabs, with some displaying text and some hiding it. However, there is no built-in user interface for this capability, which is what prompted the creation of this plugin.

With this plugin, there are two ways to toggle text display on and off:
  1. Click on the ToggleText button in the toolbar
  2. Select "Toggle Text > Toggle Text Display" from the Plugins menu (or a submenu, if you use Organizer to organize this plugin)
There is also a submenu for settings, to suppress or display the status popup when toggling text visibility. Regardless of this setting, a notification will appear in SketchUp's status bar message area (lower left under the drawing area).

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