David Barros search for scripts
I am a carpenter by trade and that's why I develop plugins related to carpentry. My goal is to make 3D accecible all with intuitive and productive tools. I then prompts you to try my Plugins immediatel ;-)

Todd Burch search for scripts
Todd has been heavy into programming since 1988, mostly on big IBM mainframe computers. He has been using Ruby since it came out in July 2003 in SketchUp V4, and really enjoys working with the SketchUp community and writing Ruby Scripts. Todd says, "Ruby is a great language and SketchUp is a great product. This is FUN!"

Jim Foltz search for scripts
Just a guy who enjoys writing Ruby scripts for SketchUp.

Chris Fullmer search for scripts
Chris Fullmer has been writing SketchUp plugins since 2009 when he designed a free study course at UC Berkeley aimed at using SketchUp Ruby to make tools to help improve the landscape modeling process.

Chris now works for Trimble as part of the SketchUp development team as a 3D Quality Engineer.

Remi Goux search for scripts
Remi has been using the Macintosh since 1986, when the recording studio where he was working as a sound engineer decided that tomorrow has come. he has been severely hooked ever since. He started to program shortly thereafter, writing midi and audio utilities which were then in short supply. The journey into programming never stops, and he has been spotted in the slippery mountain pass of C++, near the stinky stagnant waters of the Java pond, or in the quiet and leafy streets of Objective C. His endeavors with networks and the internet got him on Rails. The Ruby garden is now his favorite destination. He first heard about Sketchup at the Apple Expo Paris keynote, in 2002. Since then, Sketchup keeps a prominent place on his desktop.

Dale Martens search for scripts
Dale has had a strong interest in programming ever since he was a child even though he works professionally as a structural engineer. He started learning Ruby in January 2007 in order to write his first script, SkIndigo, and has been hooked on scripting ever since. He has a great appreciation for the SketchUp community and hopes to stay involved for many years.

John Wehby search for scripts
John is an intern architect and SketchUp enthusiast. Inspired by the founders of Smustard, John wrote his first original ruby script, DisplayTemplates, in fall 2005.

Rick Wilson search for scripts
Rick has been dabbling in programming and scripting for about 25 years, starting on a TRS-80 (now that's vintage!). He received his Architecture degree in 1994 and has written numerous LISP routines to simplify/automate routine tasks in AutoCAD. Rick was thrilled when Ruby was added to SketchUp so he could continue his customizing. Rick works for a medical-specialty architecture firm in the midwestern US. Rick and his wife Michelle have been married since 2000.

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