3D Text Tool Now Available for Download - 2006-07-18
That's right, the 3D Text Tool is now available!

This is a special introductory price of $10, a $2-off special for the first week. There is an install guide and a Userís Guide.

If you were a BETA-Tester:

First, Thank You! Second, you can delete the old Install Guide and User's Guide, the obsolete copy of the BETA code (3dtexttool.rbs) and the two fonts that were sent out with the BETA. The directory structure has changed from the BETA and any fonts in the /Letters directory will not be recognized. (They are now placed in subdirectories under the /Letters dircectory.)

This version works with both the PC and the MAC, and because of operating system capabilities, it works a little better on the MAC in regards to scrolling through dropdown lists.

There are NUMEROUS fonts that are available also in the SHAPES tab. You can preview each one and for the amount of work that went into creating them, they are a SIGNFICANTLY good value.

Thanks for all the input! Happy 3D-TEXTING!

Todd & Ashley

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