Happy New Year - 2007-01-01
Wow – it’s 2007!

2006 was our first year, and what an amazing year it was. You all have been GREAT customers and we have had a BLAST working with you and writing ruby scripts. What more could three geeks ask for?!!

As you can imagine, Smustard.com (pronounced smus-tard, not Ess-mustard) has a lot of downloads each month. We hit several milestones in our first 8 months of business that we didn’t dream of hitting when we opened back in May 2006. We certainly did a lot more custom programming than we anticipated there was a market for.

For 2007, our goals are to

1) Continue to write new content, both free and for-fee, that will make your use of SketchUp® a better experience,
2) Continue to be responsive to your inquiries, comments, concerns and issues,
3) Look for new ways to provide to you a pleasant experience when working with Smustard.com,
4) Provide new, non-Ruby offerings to enhance your modeling experience.

Ruby in Sketchup has been available since Version 4 was released in June 2004. In that time, hundreds of scripts have been written by Smustard.com authors and other script writers. Ruby has turned out to be an integral part of SketchUp’s repertoire, and we at Smustard.com see it becoming even more so in the future. The Ruby language itself is taking off too all over computerdom. In 2007, Ruby will be 12 years old.

Smustard.com stays in close contact with Google® Developers and Leads and our relationship has never been better. Google has been very responsive in both adding new features and resolving issues the field has reported. If it were not for this attention to their user’s requirements, Ruby in SketchUp would not have made the inroads it has in so many users’ work flow, and quite frankly, Smustard.com would not exist.

At Smustard.com, our thinking is this: It’s all about YOU. Without you, there is no Smustard.com. We value your input and feedback. So keep your feedback and requests coming, and we’ll get to them ASAP!

On behalf of everyone at Smustard.com, (Tavi, Rick and Todd), this is Todd saying Thanks! again!

P.S. I bought a new Intel MacPro in November, so look for more Mac stuff this year, certainly more information specific to Macs. And, for those of you with a .Mac account, feel free to put me on your iChat Buddy list – toddburch at mac dot com.

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