Smustard Authors Attending Sketchup Basecamp - 2008-06-05
Hey all you Ruby fans! Will you be attending 3D BaseCamp at GooglePlex from June 11th to June 13th? If you will be there, try to stop by Todd's presentation on "The Best of Ruby" presentation on Wednesday after the opening session. Several of the coolest Ruby scripts will be presented and explained. If you are a ruby-newbie, do not fear - you won't be turned into a programmer (I promise). Come and see how much more you can leverage SketchUp with some of the latest Ruby scripts. You'll be AMAZED! (Amazed with the Ruby scripts, not with Todd ;) )

Hope to see you there! Be sure to introduce yourself to either Rick or Todd - we'll both be there. We're donating some GREAT door prizes too.

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