Post-Payment Landing Page Updated - 2009-12-10
Since our inception, Smustard has sent out an email with download links for customers who bought plugins from us. It generally works, but sometimes an overzealous spam filter will block our emails, and customers get concerned and have to contact us for new links.

We introduced the SmustardToolbar with the "MySmustard" button as a way to help solve the problem. This allowed customers to access all their purchases, check for version updates, and view relevant upgrade offers, but not everyone wanted to add a toolbar to SketchUp for that purpose.

In response, we've now updated the post-payment landing page (the page on Smustard that you see after making your payment) to include a link to your MySmustard page. You can use that link to immediately access your purchases without waiting for an email. Of course, your purchases will only be recorded once the transaction is complete, so if you use the eCheck payment method, it will still take several days (or several weeks for international customers) for the purchases to appear on your MySmustard page, but the link is still valid, and you should bookmark it.

In the event you need to change the email address associated with your purchases, please contact us and we will update your records and send you a new MySmustard link.

Thanks for your support.

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