Smustard Welcomes Guest Author Remi Goux - 2006-06-01
Remi hails from Athens, Greece and is our first Guest Author. He comes to Smustard with many skills. Remi started computing in 1986 on the Macintosh and has been hooked ever since. His first programming experiences came with writing audio and midi utilities while working at a recording studio. Remi has an excellent grasp on Object Oriented programming, having spent time coding with C++, Objective C and Java. He loves Ruby too. He has already taught us all some nice techniques. He is our resident MAC expert.

Remi first learned about SketchUp in 2002 while at the Apple Expo in Paris. He uses it for his work as an architect.

Look for SketchUp/Ruby scripts and other deliverables from Remi. He likes to write and teach and will be posting some articles shortly.

Welcome Remi!

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