PageExIm update released - 2015-01-14
The latest version of PageExIm (1.9.4) is now available, which resolves issues that some users had with importing pages from .sup files.

The core issue was with comma decimal separation versus dot/period decimal separation, and making sure PageExIm would convert appropriately based on the user's OS settings. That issue is finally resolved in 1.9.4 and is ready to be downloaded.

If you have not had any problems with PageExIm importing .sup files, then you do not need to download this version, but it is advisable for you to do so, especially if you expect you may need to share .sup files with anyone who uses comma separated decimals.

To download, just use the link you received when you purchased PageExIm, or check your MySmustard page. You can get to your MySmustard page from the Smustard Toolbar button within SketchUp, or you may contact us if you want a link to your MySmustard page and can't remember the email address you used to purchase PageExIm.

You can bookmark your MySmustard page for future reference and to periodically check for updates.

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