3D Text Tool Makes BETA Appearance - 2006-07-04
In celebration of Independence Day in the USA, you are now FREE and INDEPENDENT of having to IMPORT 3D TEXT! The 3D Text Tool is finally available for a free limited time BETA download. The BETA will expire on July 8th, 2006.

Please feel free to download it and give it a whirl. Itís a pretty neat script Ė watching 3D Text get generated before your eyes, without ever having to leave SketchUp! Once created, the 3D Text can be edited too!

There is an install guide and a Userís Guide. The only tricky part of the install is the creating the new directory for 3D Character Components. This script was a collaboration between Todd Burch (the script) and Ashley Joyce (the 3D Character Components).

Two sets of characters are available with the BETA; Arial and Harrington. Additional font components sets will be posted soon for purchase. There will be MANY styles to choose from.

During the BETA, please send feedback and or issues you have while using the Tool. Questions? Send an email to info@smustard.com!

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