3DLetterSetBundle $29.95 The Complete Set. A total of 64 Letter Sets. Including All Corporate Logo Sets (Electronics, Transport, Corporate), Roadsigns, Symbols, & New Japanese Character Letter Sets. Over 6,000 individual component files in 64 different folders. Compressed Download size 32MB . Requires 70 MB of Free space. more info
42ndStreet3DTextSet $1.00 42nd Street 3DText Set more info
Algerian3DTextSet $1.00 Wild-West 3DText Set. Wanted Posters, Billboards. more info
Animals23DTextSet $2.00 More Animals & some human figures to choose from. (84 in Set) more info
Animals3DTextSet $2.00 Many wonderful animal shapes to choose from. (94 in Set) more info
Ayre3DTextSet $1.00 Ayre 3DText Set more info
BookBulletin3DTextSet $1.00 Book-Bulletin 3DText Set more info
BookEuropa3DTextSet $1.00 Book-Europa 3DText Set more info
BookSans3DTextSet $1.00 Book-Sans 3DText Set more info
BookSerif3DTextSet $1.00 Transitional Serif typefaces are considered neutral in appearance, probably due to the widespread use of Times. Similar to Wounded-Knee more info
BookSmustard3DTextSet $1.00 Serif Font: Some popular serif typefaces are Times Roman or Century Schoolbook. more info
BookVintage3DTextSet $1.00 Book-Vintage 3DText Set more info
Buffalo3DTextSet $1.00 Buffalo 3DText Set more info
CleopatraScroll3DTextSet $1.00 Cleopatra-Scroll 3DText Set more info
ComicArrow3DTextSet $1.00 Comic-Arrow 3DText Set more info
ComicClown3DTextSet $1.00 Great Fun Letter Set. Check out the
SketchUp Example
more info
ComicPunk3DTextSet $1.00 Great Fun Letter Set. Check out the
SketchUp Example
more info
Corporate3DTextSet $1.00 Corporate 3DText Set more info
CorporateModernSans3DTextSet $1.00 Corporate-Modern-Sans 3DText Set more info
CorporatePrima3DTextSet $1.00 Corporate-Prima 3DText Set more info
CorporateSans3DTextSet $1.00 Corporate-Sans 3DText Set more info
CorporateSansBold3DTextSet $1.00 Corporate-Sans-Bold 3DText Set more info
Courier3DTextSet $1.00 Courier is a monospace slab serif font that resembles the output from a typewriter. Similar fonts are Magazine-Bold more info
Cowboy3DTextSet $1.00 Cowboy 3DText Set more info
DigitalSmustard3DTextSet $1.00 Digital-Smustard 3DText Set more info
EngraversSmustard3DTextSet $1.00 Engravers-Smustard 3DText Set more info
HandwritingPrima3DTextSet $1.00 Handwriting-Prima 3DTextSet more info
Hiragana3DTextSet $1.00 Hiragana can be used to express and write all Japanese words without the use of Kanji since Hiragana is like an alphabet. If you can't remember the right kanji for a word, you can just spell it out in Hiragana. There are 46 Hiragana to learn. more info
Japanese3DTextSet $1.00 This Japanese character set resembles the Kanji alphabet. Kanji is the most complicated script in Japanese. First brought to Japan by Buddhist monks more than 1200 years ago, these Chinese ideograms number in the thousands, each one representing a different idea, not necessarily a different sound as is the case with Katakana, Hiragana and Romaji. more info
Katakana3DTextSet $1.00 This Japanese character set resembles the Katakana alphabet. This Character Set is usually used for the translation of foreign words, the Japanese word below translates to "America" in English. more info
KingEdwardCurly3DTextSet $1.00 King-Edward-Curly 3DText Set more info
KingGeorgeSerif3DTextSet $1.00 King-George-Serif 3DText Set more info
KingHenryHand3DTextSet $1.00 King-Henry-Hand 3DText Set more info
LittleBigHorn3DTextSet $1.00 Little-Big-Horn 3DText Set more info
LogoCorporate3DTextSet $2.00 Company Logos a total of 43 Company logos & 12 special Chinese Zodiac Logos more info
LogoElectronics3DTextSet $2.00 Logo-Electronics 3DText Set. A total of 83 Logos in this set. more info
MagazineBold3DTextSet $1.00 Slab serif or "Egyptian" typeface. Resembles the output from a typewriter. Similar to Courier more info
MagazineSans3DTextSet $1.00 Magazine-Sans 3DText Set more info
MasterGothic3DTextSet $1.00 Master-Gothic 3DText Set more info
MySmustard3DTextSet $1.00 My-Smustard 3DText Set more info
OldLondonTown3DTextSet $1.00 Old-London-Town 3DText Set more info
Patsy3DTextSet $1.00 Patsy 3DText Set more info
PosterFat3DTextSet $1.00 Poster-Fat 3DText Set more info
PosterGothic3DTextSet $1.00 Poster-Gothic 3DText Set more info
PrincessMaryHand3DTextSet $1.00 Princess-Mary-Hand 3DText Set more info
Rhino3DTextSet $1.00 Rhino 3DText Set more info
RoadSigns3DTextSet $1.00 A big selection of roadsigns & warning Signs. (54 in Set) more info
RomeoHand3DTextSet $1.00 Romeo-Hand 3DText Set more info
Smustard3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard 3DText Set more info
SmustardBold3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard-Bold 3DText Set more info
SmustardGothicLT3DTextSet $1.00 Gothic Light more info
SmustardGothicMD3DTextSet $1.00 Gothic Medium more info
SmustardOutline3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard-Outline 3DText Set more info
SmustardSans3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard-Sans 3DText Set more info
SmustardSansBold3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard-Sans-Bold 3DText Set more info
SmustardSerif3DTextSet $1.00 Smustard-Serif 3DText Set more info
StellaEresHermosa3DTextSet $1.00 Elegant Script Font. Looking for some creative inspiration? SketchUp Example more info
SymbolBook3DTextSet $1.00 Symbol-Book 3DText Set more info
SymbolIcons3DTextSet $1.00 Symbol-Icons 3DText Set more info
TomaHawk3DTextSet $1.00 TomaHawk 3DText Set more info
Transport3DTextSet $2.00 Collection of famous Transport logos covering the automobile & airline industry (91 logos). more info
ValentioSans3DTextSet $1.00 Valentio-Sans 3DText Set more info
VampireBlood3DTextSet $1.00 Vampire-Blood 3DText Set more info
WebIcons3DTextSet $1.00 Web-Icons 3DText Set more info
WoundedKnee3DTextSet $1.00 Transitional or "baroque" serif typeface. Transitional typefaces are considered neutral in appearance, probably due to the widespread use of Times. Similar to Book-Serif more info
Making 3D SketchUp Font/Shape Libraries can be a tedious process indeed. At Smustard, we have developed some programs that help us in the 3D font/Shape creation process. We can produce a SketchUp 3D Font Library with a 24-hour turnaround. If you are interested in having Smustard create a custom SketchUp 3D Font/Shape Library for you or your organisation, please contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to discuss our terms.