BoolTools v.1.000
by Dale Martens
$10.00 coming soon...
description Perform union, difference, and intersection operations. For SU5 and up. PC and Mac compatible.



  1. Unzip the file you downloaded.
  2. You should have file named 'booltools.rbs' and a folder named 'BoolTools'
  3. Copy both the file and folder to your SketchUp/Plugins directory.
  4. Close SketchUp if you have it open.
  5. Run SketchUp
  6. You should now see the BoolTools toolbar.
  7. BoolTools will also be added to your Tools menu.


  1. Select the desired tool from the toolbar or menu.
  2. Click on a Group or Component.
  3. Click on another Group or Component to start the boolean operation.
  4. If the second object selected is a component, it will be automatically be made unique before the boolean operation.

Known Issues

  • Groups and Components should be 'solids'. They should have no free edges.
  • Free edges will be automatically deleted.

Video Demonstration

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