DeleteShortLines v.1.000
by Todd Burch
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description This script will remove those annoying little lines that overshot their target. Good for use with CAD cleanup chores.

  1. Select nothing, your whole model or a portion of your model
  2. Activate Delete Short Lines from the Plugins Menu
  3. The script will run and find all open ended line segments in your selection. Lines that touch your model on one end and not the other will be analyzed for deletion.

This script is designed to run against architectural-type drawings, not contour/site type drawings. This script uses an algorithm to determine what lines are "short" and are therefore eligible for deletion.

The algorithm is, in a nutshell: The possible short line is length "a".
The distance from the open end of "a" to the next closest edge ("e") is "d".

  1. If "e" does not exist, the line is eligible for deletion.
  2. If "d" is 2 times "a" or greater, the line is eligible for deletion.
The intent of this script is to find short little line segments that extend past their intended target, as is so common in imported CAD drawings.

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