FlightPath2 v.2.110
by Rick Wilson
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description Easily create walkthrough or flyby videos. Additional features!

usage NOTE: FlightPath2 is also included in the PresentationBundle.

The flightpath script is located in the right-click (context) menu when you select a curve (arc, circle, polygon, bezier, or welded curve).

It has been expanded to allow for four different target options (the target is where the camera is looking).

When you select "Flightpath" from the context menu, a submenu appears. You may select from the following 4 menu items:

1. Target: Camera Path Nodes creates pages with the camera looking toward the next vertex of the camera path

2. NEW! Target: Single Point asks you for a single point that is the focus for the camera as it moves along the path

3. NEW! Target: Two Points asks for two points. As the camera moves along the path, the target point moves between the two selected points

4. NEW! Target: Path allows you to select a target path.

After you select one of these options and provide any necessary input for that option, a dialog appears, asking you for a speed (in units per second) and a Field Of View (FOV) angle. For speeds, 10 feet/sec (3m/sec) is a brisk walking speed, and 88 feet/sec (27m/sec) is about 60 mph (100kph) for a fast drive-by speed. Of course, you can use any value to match your needs. For FOV, standard is 30 degrees, wide-angle is 50 to 55 degrees. Wider angles will be distorted.

Once you enter a speed, the script will read the locations of the vertices along the path and will create a page at each one. The script will set each page's transition time for a consistent speed. The path will be placed on a hidden layer so it is not visible during a slideshow or video export.

Note: Regardless of the accuracy of the settings made by this plugin, slideshows in SketchUp are always dependent on computing power, and may not display smoothly due to the overhead of calculating the views of the model in real time. The smoothest results will always come from exporting an animation.

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