LayOff v.1.000
by Jim Foltz
description New Layers are visible on current Scene only.

usage LayOff changes the default behavior for new Layers. When a new Layer is added to the model, it will only be visible on the current Scene.

LayOff has both a menu and a toolbar button. Selecting LayOff toggles between SketchUp's default layer behavior, and the "current scene only" behavior.

If a models is saved while LayOff is enabled, LayOff will be enabled when you re-open the model. LayOff is always "off" when starting a new model.

The .zip contains 3 files:

  • lay_off.rbs
  • lay_off16.png
  • lay_off24.png

    Download the .zip, extract and place the 3 files in SketchUp's Plugins folder.

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