MakeFaces v.1.400
by Todd Burch
description Makefaces.rb loops through your model and creates faces where faces need to be created.

  1. Select your whole model or a portion of your model
  2. Activate MakeFaces from the Tools Menu
  3. Makefaces will run, and will report statistics at the end of the run
  4. A progress bar will be updated on the Status Bar while running.
  5. Another script, ProgressBar, is required. You must download it as well.

If, after running Makefaces, you are not satisfied with the results, there may be reasons that all the faces you thought should have been created, did not get created.

  • Your model is too small. SketchUpTM will not create very small faces, less than approximately 1/16" or less than 1mm. Try scaling your model up 10X or more and rerun.
  • There may be stray line fragments that interrupt normal face creation. Run StrayLines to see if any of these types of lines exist in your drawing.
  • Line segments may not form a closed loop. Again, run StrayLines to identify these. If you have downloaded the CloseOpens script, it will most likely close the opens automatically. See the notes for CloseOpens.
  • Lines may overlap each other, but not intersect each other. You can determine this by selecting a line that crosses another. If the highlighted portion of the selected line segment extends across another line, and they touch, then this is the case. This happens all the time with imported CAD drawings. To resolve this, download the IntersectOverlaps plugin, and then run Makefaces again.
  • Points may not be coplanar (on the same plane). Use can use the Tools>Utilities>Query Tool to check the faces for their coordinates. A quick test is to draw a diagonal line. If the faces close automatically when a diagonal line is drawn, the loop of lines are most likely not coplanar.

Recent changes:
1.3: Added the new progressbar.rb code support.
1.4: Now, you don't have to select anything before you run. Or, you can select a subset of your drawing and have Makefaces run only against that portion.

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