MakeOrthoViews v.1.000
by Jim Foltz
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description Copies a Group or Component to create Orthographic Views.

usage makeorthoviews

Make Orthographic Copies

Make Ortho Copies creates a set of Orthographic views from the selected Group or Component. It works by creating copies of the selected Group or Component, and rotating them into position.


MakeOrthoViews appears in SketchUp's Plugins menu.

Make Ortho Views assumes the selected object is already aligned to SketchUp's Front View.

Make Ortho Views will setup the view including setting the Camera to Parallel Projection and zoom in on the created objects, where you can create a Scene if you desire.

Now you are ready to dimension and export using the 2D option.

The ISO view which is created should not be used for dimensionsing, and is presented as a convenience.

Press UNDO to remove the copies.


  • Download the .rb file.
  • Move or Copy it to your Plugins folder.

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