NightSky v.1.100
by Rick Wilson


description NightSky adds sunrise and sunset effects to the Shadow Info slider SketchUp 6 or higher

usage The NightSky plugin makes use of new ruby features in SketchUp v6!

After unzipping the download's contents into the Plugins toolbar, restart SketchUp v6. You will now see a new menu item, "NightSky", in the View menu (see image at right).

"Turn On" will turn on NightSky
"Turn Off" will turn off NightSky
"Settings" will allow you to customize the sky color settings. Use the new v6 built-in Styles editor to change the sky color. When you have a sky color you like, use the proper settings button to apply that color to a time of day: sunrise, daytime, sunset, or night (see image below). When you are done making changes to the settings, click the "Done" button to close the settings dialog. If you want to revert to the original color settings, click "Reset Defaults".

When the NightSky plugin is on, the sky will react to changes in the ShadowInfo sliders for the calendar and time of day.

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