NoteCameraPoint v.1.100
by Todd Burch


description NoteCameraPoint will place a construction point and a Text label at the current Camera Location in space.


This script sets a construction point and a short text label where the camera is when you run the script. It is good for noting the location of the camera when references to the camera location are needed. The height of the camera is noted as well (as the Z-value).

  1. Be on a page so as to make it active.
  2. Click "Note Camera Location" from the CAMERA menu pull down.
  3. If you are positioned specifically on the Page view, you will have to zoom out to see the newly added group of construction point and text. If you have orbited, panned and/or zoomed since you were last on a "perfect" Page view, then you may or may not have to zoom, pan or orbit to see the Camera Note.

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