PathCopy v.2.200
by Rick Wilson
description Copy groups or components along a path, at set spacing or node spacing

usage PathCopy allows you to select an edge, curve, or polyline path, and then select an group or component to copy along that path. You can copy to the vertices of the path, or specify a distance between copies.

There are two ways to affect the distance between copies:
  • Type a distance in SketchUp's VCB to set an absolute distance between copies
  • Enter 0 (zero) to put copies at each vertex

  • From the Plugins menu, select "PathCopy" to start the tool. Select a path, then select a group or component to copy, and PathCopy does the rest. At any time while the tool is still active, you can change the spacing of the copies.

    If you need more capability, see PathCopyPro, which adds new features to PathCopy:
  • Toggle path reversal with the TAB key
  • Toggle object rotation with the SHIFT key
  • Toggle make copies unique with the CTRL key
  • Equidistant spacing along the entire path

  • see also other plugins by Rick Wilson:

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