ProfileBuilder v.1.300
by Dale Martens
$20.00 unavailable
description Efficient and accurate modeling of intelligent building materials


Profile Builder is like the Follow Me tool 'on steroids'. It has been designed for professionals who want to model intelligent building materials with extreme speed and accuracy. It may forever change the way you model with SketchUp.

Compatible with:

  • Windows and Mac systems SU8 and up.


  • Ability to define and save custom profiles
  • Intelligent modelling of real building materials
  • Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path
  • Ability to edit a path and automatically update the extrusion
  • Full control of profile orientation (placement point, rotation, offsets, etc.) along a path
  • Profile Member Path Inferencing (PMPI)
  • Automatic edge smoothing
  • Export material quantity reports
  • Downloadable profile libraries

Be sure to download the PDF User Guide (English)


  • Open SketchUp
  • Go to Window (Mac:SketchUp)->Preferences->Extensions->Install Extension...
  • Browse to the RBZ file you downloaded from Smustard
  • Click 'Open'
  • Click 'yes' when asked if you trust this extension

Please Note:

You may need to change your folder permissions for the Profile Libraries Folder in order to create a new library.

  • In Windows, navigate to the 'Libraries' folder inside the DM_ProfileBuilder folder.
  • Right-click on the 'Libraries' folder
  • Select 'Properties' from the right-click context menu
  • Click the 'Security' tab
  • Click the 'Edit..' button to edit the permissions of this folder
  • Select the 'Users' group
  • Click the 'Full Control' checkbox in the 'Allow' column
  • Click Apply

Video Preview

Profile Libraries

The following profile library files (PLB) are available at no charge. The Profile Builder plugin is required to use these libraries. See user guide for details.

Attention Users Upgrading from SketchUp 8 to SketchUp 2013

  • First, download the latest version of Profile Builder from Smustard. You may need to login using the MySmustard toolbar to access your past purchases. Or, find the original download link that Smustard sent you when you purchased.
  • Install the plugin as described in the section above.
  • Go to your SketchUp 8 plugins folder and find the folder ‘ProfileBuilder/Libraries’. This contains all of your custom profile libraries.
  • Copy all of the PLB files from this folder to the corresponding folder for SketchUp 2013 (../plugins/DM_ProfileBuilder/Libraries). You may need to be logged in as an administrator to do this.
  • Ensure that you do not have two versions of Profile Builder inside your plugins folder. If you have multiple versions, delete the file ‘pb_loader.rb’ and the folder ‘ProfileBuilder’ from your plugins folder but make sure that you have first transferred your custom libraries into the ‘DM_ProfileBuilder/Libraries’ folder.

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