RepeatCopy v.1.720
by Chris Fullmer
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description Quickly add copies of selected components by pointing and clicking in the model.

usage This script allows you to quickly add copies of components to your model by just clicking where the copy should be added. Its a great way to quickly add component copies to a model.

It is accessed from Plugins > Chris Fullmer Tools > Repeat Copy. To use it, first select a component or series of components, then activate the Repeat Copy tool. Clicking anywhere in the model will add a copy of one of the selected components. It randomly selects a component to place based on the selected components at the time the script is initiated. Holding ctrl will force it to place components in order instead of randomly.

New in version 1.65!

* Move the User Interface by clicking and dragging in the upper left box. Place it anywhere in the SketchUp drawing window (watch the 2nd video to see it in action!)

New in version 1.5!

* OnScreen User Interface added.
* Add random rotation and scale to components.
* Components with material added to their outside now retain that material when copied.

The old video for Repeat Copy version 1.0

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