SceneRename v.1.000
by Todd Burch
description Quickly renumber and/or rename Scene Tabs

usage This script is used to speed up the renaming and/or resequencing of Scene Tabs for a model. When creating animations and walkthroughs, it is easy to get the automatic number scheme for scenes out of order. You can rename them manually one at a time by opening the Windows>Scenes dialog (or on the Mac, also by right-clicking the Scene Tab). For one or two renames, this is easy.

However, when renaming and/or renumbering multiple Scenes, you need a faster solution. That's what SceneRename does.

SceneRename can simply renumber Scenes, or it can even rename them - it's your choice.

Let's say you have (for ease of explanation) 4 out of order Scene Tabs named:
  • Scene 3
  • Scene 1
  • Scene 4
  • Scene 2

If you just wanted them renumbered, after installing this script, go to the Views menu and click on Rename/Renumber Scenes.

This action will change the names of the tabs to make the names in sequence. SceneRename will never rearrange Scenes - it just renames the Tabs. The output will look like this:
  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Scene 3
  • Scene 4
If you wanted to rename all the Scenes to use "Page" instead of "Scene", you can do that too. First, you need to manually rename the first Scene tab. Rename it to !Page.

Notice the exclamation point (!) in front of the new name. This character tells the script that you want a name change. After running the script with this new name, the Scene Tabs will look like this:

Again, Scenes are not rearranged - only the names that show on the Tabs are changed.

Finally, let's say that your Scene Tabs names are REALLY messed up, and they look like this:
  • ViewA
  • view 25
  • View ??
  • View final
In this situation, SceneRename will figure out that all your Scenes start with V-I-E-W and after renaming, the Scene Tabs will look like this:
  • View 1
  • View 2
  • View 3
  • View 4

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