SelectionMemory2 v.2.000
by Rick Wilson
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description Access up to 20 previous selection sets SketchUp 6 or higher

usage SelectionMemory will remember up to 20 selection sets, which you can use separately or in combination to restore a selection set or build a new selection set from previous selections. The Plugins menu will have one new item, View Selection Sets, which opens the SelectionMemory dialog box.

The options for each set are:
  1. USE the selected set as THE selection set
  2. ADD the set to the existing selection set
  3. REMOVE the set from the existing selection set
  4. DELETE the set from memory
You can also Add All, Remove All, or Delete All (clears all sets from the SelectionMemory).

The right-click menu entry for "Selection Memory" provides four items:
  1. Restore last selection for re-selecting the previous selection set for those times when you just lost your set and need it back quickly.
  2. Add last selection to current selection will add your previous selection to the current selection set
  3. View selection sets opens the dialog box
  4. Add current selection to memory will create a new memory item for the current selection set

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