TextLabelOverride v.1.000
by Todd Burch


description TextLabelOverride allows you to change the default text for Text Notes that use Leaders.


TextLabelOverride allows you override the default text for Text Notes with Leaders.

Install the script into your /Plugins folder.

By default, the script does not override the default text. The default text is context sensitive and is defined to be different values based on what you clicked on. For instance, the default text when clicking on a Face is the area of the face. When clicking on a Vertex, the default text is the 3D point of that vertex.

This script provides two new default text options:

  • The name of the Material of the face
  • The perimeter length of the face
This script works with faces. Left clicking with the Text tool on anything but a face will not change the default text.

  • September 26, 2007: V1.0 - Brand spanking new. Works with Windows and Macs, Free and Pro. Sketchup 6 and up only.

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