ToolbarBuilderPro v.1.005
by Rick Wilson
$6.00 coming soon...
description Build custom toolbars for your Ruby scripts and plugins! (requires SketchUp 8m2 or higher, SketchUp 2013 preferred)

usage This plugin adds three buttons to the Smustard Toolbar, one to open the ToolbarBuilder dialog, one to load individual saved custom toolbars, and one to load all saved custom toolbars.

At the top, the dialog presents a textbox for naming your custom toolbar and buttons to Build and Save your toolbar.

Below that, the dialog shows available Ruby script and plugin commands and icons (if any), grouped by their native toolbar (if any), and showing a checkbox beside. Simply check the boxes for the buttons you wish to add, then click on the "Build" button to create your custom toolbar.

Planned Updates
  1. Adding listings for plugins that do not implement the Command item
  2. Selecting which custom toolbars are autoloaded
  3. Editing custom toolbars (change order of items, add and remove items)
  4. Assigning custom icons to toolbar items

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