Windowizer4 v.4.004
by Rick Wilson
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description Creates full 3D storefront windows from selected faces - Sketchup 6 and up

usage Windowizer4 represents a major step forward from version 3. New features include:
  1. Full 3D storefront windows (front-only Windowizer3-style windows are optional)
  2. Window styles can be saved to the model for easy recall
  3. Resulting windows can be grouped or ungrouped
  4. Zero-width outer frames are now possible
  5. Polygons are now supported
  6. Local language support (tied to SketchUp localization, where volunteers have provided localized files)
Planned free updates for this version include:
  1. Export and import window styles for use in different models
  2. Window editing
  3. Window style matching (apply one window's settings to another window)
  4. Zero-width mullion support for butt-glazed storefront & curtainwall windows
  5. Style Manager dialog for renaming/exporting/importing/deleting window styles
Known Issues:
  1. Setting zero-width/height mullions will not produce desired results.
  2. The Help button does not yet link to the Visual Reference guide.
  3. In some localized versions of SU where a comma (",") is used for the decimal separator, the user must manually change the "." in the "Max Wall Thickness" box to a ",". A fix is being investigated.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with localization!

TO CREATE: Select Windowizer4 from the Plugins menu. Select a face (or multiple faces) and set the parameters in the dialog box. When you are done adjusting the settings, click "Apply". Windows will be created based on your input.

See the Windowizer4 Visual Reference for details on how the settings affect the final result.

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