2015-Click-Change free This plugin offers a large number of products to finalize your kitchen projects. Each component is dynamic and can of change appearance with a simple click ! more info
2ptCircle $6.00 Create a 2D circle by specifying the diameter end points. The circle will directly face the Camera. more info
2ptPerspective $6.00 Quickly change the Camera setting, via 3 options, to obtain a 2 point perspective more info
3DTextTool $12.00 Create 3D Text without ever leaving SketchUp! Just type the Text string you want, pick your Font, click OK. Edit capability too. Now works with Pro and Google SketchUp! more info
3ptCircle $6.00 3ptCircle will create a circle through triangulation. After you choose three points, the circle will be created to fit those points. more info
AddConstructionPoint $4.00 Add Construction points anywhere by left clicking. more info
AddPages free Add pages orthographically more info
AnimatedClock $4.00 Impress your coworkers with an Animated Clock! (It keeps accurate time too!) more info
ApplyTo free Apply a component definition to selected component instances. more info
ArrayTo free Utility script to convert array elements to numbers. Used by other scripts. more info
AttribReporter free Creates BOM Reports To Spreadsheet more info
Attributes free Creates and reads object attributes, applies attributes from one object to another more info
BasecampBundle $297.00 Get everything Smustard has to offer (as of 1 June 2008), for one low price! A $335 value! more info
Bomb free Explodes all groups and components in the model. more info
CADLayers $6.00 Export layer states from AutoCAD and import into SketchUp more info
CameraControls free Control camera pan, tilt, and roll with sliders and text input (PC only for now) more info
CameraDistance free Find the distance from the current camera to the nearest point on an object in the line of sight more info
CameraLines free Creates a group of lines that connect the eye points of all page cameras more info
CenterPoint free Add a construction point to the middle of your selection. more info
ChamferAlongPath free Select joined lines, arcs, circles, curves and Chamfer Along Path more info
CloseOpens $20.00 This script looks for lines that are supposed to touch and don't, and then draws a line connecting the open segments. This is one of several good CAD cleanup scripts. more info
ColorBySlope free This script paints faces based on their slope. more info
ColorByZ free Color By Z paints faces based on their centerpoint's Z height. It uses colors selected by the user. more info
CubicPanoOut free Exports JPG cube images for the creation of panoramas. more info
CurveStitcher free Create edges & faces between two selected curves more info
DashedLines $20.00 Converts regular lines to dashed lines. Choose from several patterns. more info
DeleteCoplanar free Delete coplanar edges from the model more info
DeleteShortLines $10.00 This script will remove those annoying little lines that overshot their target. Good for use with CAD cleanup chores. more info
DropGC free Drop groups/components to face below more info
EverythingBundle2010 $22.00 This supplement to the BasecampBundle includes extensions added to Smustard from June 2008 through November 2009 more info
EverythingBundle2014 $20.00 This supplement to the BasecampBundle and EverythingBundle 2010 includes everything added to Smustard from 2010 through December 2013. more info
ExplodeImplode $20.00 exim.rb allows you to quickly create exploded parts drawings. It will put them back together too. more info
Exploder $5.00 Explode recursively a group or component contents. more info
ExtendCloseLines $20.00 A CAD cleanup script. This script will find lines that are fall short of touching their intended target and extend them in a straight line to touch their intended target. more info
ExtrapolateColors free This script finds materials used within a selection of faces, and then randomly applies those same materials to all selected faces that have no material already applied. more info
FixAspectRatio free Fixes the aspect ratio of the current view to remove gray bars from display more info
FixGroupNames free This scripts fixes a problem with exporting a model with Groups defined to AutoCAD. more info
Flatten $10.00 Flattens 3D objects to 2D, placing all entities on the Z=0 plane. more info
FlightPath free Easily create walkthrough or flyby videos. more info
FlightPath2 $7.00 Easily create walkthrough or flyby videos. Additional features! more info
FloatTolerance free For Developers - Adds method "=~" to Float class to check for equality within tolerance more info
Geom free For Developers - Adds Geom::Line and Geom::Polygon classes and associated methods more info
GoldenGauge free Create a vertical grid (2x2) proportioned to the golden section more info
GraphIt free Graph equations in Sketchup more info
Greeble2 free Add Greebles to faces as a quick way to add detail to a model. more info
GroupByLayer free Explodes all groups and components, then regroups all entities by layer more info
GroupByTexture free Groups faces by texture for export to other 3D software more info
HideAll free Hide all unselected Objects in your model more info
HideTool free Left click to hide anything and everything you click on more info
Instances free Select all instances of a selected component more info
IntersectOverlaps $20.00 Causes lines that cross and do not intersect to intersect. more info
JoinByZ free Joins edges having common z-coordinates more info
LabelCurve free Adds text labels to start and end vertices of selected curves more info
LayerChange free Control the Active Layer by Right Clicking a Selection more info
LinearLength $4.00 Calcuates the linear length of all selected edges. more info
Loose2Groups free Make groups of loose geometry. more info
MakeFaces free Makefaces.rb loops through your model and creates faces where faces need to be created. more info
Midpoint free Places construction point at the midpoint between two selected points more info
MoveToOrigin free Quickly move your whole model or the selection to the Origin more info
MoveToOriginAndCenter free Moves the entire selection to the axis origin, and places the models center at the origin. more info
NightSky $8.00 NightSky adds sunrise and sunset effects to the Shadow Info slider SketchUp 6 or higher more info
NoteCameraPoint $4.00 NoteCameraPoint will place a construction point and a Text label at the current Camera Location in space. more info
Nudge $16.00 Nudge (move) objects via the ARROW keys small or large distances. Updated for SketchUp 2014. more info
Offset free For Developers - Adds offset method to faces and curves for ruby plugins more info
PageExIm $5.00 Export and import scenes between models more info
PageHide $5.00 Hide selected entities on pages quickly and easily more info
PageLayers free Control layer visibility in pages/scenes more info
PageUtilities $5.00 Three scripts for one low price! Smooth transitions between pages for constant speed, and edit transition times or delay times page by page more info
PageUtilities2 $7.00 SketchUp 6 or higher. Two scripts for one low price! Smooth transitions between pages for constant speed, and edit each scene's transition times or delay times in a NEW webDialog box. more info
Parking free Create parking lot lines with two clicks more info
PathCopy free Copy groups or components along a path, at set spacing or node spacing more info
PathCopyPro $5.00 Copy a group or component along a path more info
PointOnFace free For Developers - Adds method .on_face?(face,include_boundary) to Geom::Point3d class more info
PresentationBundle $14.00 5 Scripts - save $3.00! Includes FlightPath2, PageExIm, TransitionTimeEditor, PageDelayEditor, and PageSmoother more info
PresentationBundle2 $16.00 SketchUp 6 or higher. Four Scripts - save $3.00! Includes FlightPath2, PageExIm, and the PageUtilities2 scripts more info
ProgressBar free Displays a progress bar on the status line while a script is running. Several scripts need this script to run. It may also be used by other script writers. more info
RemoveMaterials free A Script that quickly removes all assigned materials from a selection. more info
Repaint $3.00 Use menu selections to replace one color or texture with another. more info
RepeatCopy $10.00 Quickly add copies of selected components by pointing and clicking in the model. more info
ReverseFaces free After activating the tool, a left click will reverse any face. Allows for faster management of backwards faces. more info
ReversePaint free Swap faces' front and back orientation and material more info
RoofPaint free Easily paint sloped or vertical faces. more info
Rotate3D free Easily rotate groups and components in 3D space by selecting a center of rotation, original orientation point, and desired orientation point more info
SceneExporter free Export scenes to jpeg image more info
SceneExporterPro $10.00 Export scenes to image files more info
SceneRename free Quickly renumber and/or rename Scene Tabs more info
SelectAtStartup free Activates the select tool at startup and when starting a new file or opening an existing file more info
SelectionMemory free Allows user to set and recall a selection set. For recall, set can be outside the current group/component. more info
SelectionMemory2 $5.00 Access up to 20 previous selection sets SketchUp 6 or higher more info
SketchUV free UV mapping tools more info
SmustardToolbar free Toolbar for Sketchup that gives access to the Smustard website and to your purchases more info
Stitcher free Creates a surface between two curves. more info
StrayLines free Label, Select, Delete or Show all the open-ended line segments in a drawing. This is an EXCELLENT script for assessing how much cleaning up an imported CAD drawing will need. more info
SUAPIHelpMenu free Add The complete ruby API to the Help menu. more info
TextLabelOverride $8.00 TextLabelOverride allows you to change the default text for Text Notes that use Leaders. more info
TextureHelper $12.00 Simple single-click rotation, scaling, and arrow-key positioning of textures on faces. more info
ToDoList $8.00 Add a to-do list to a model SketchUp 6 or higher more info
ToggleBreakEdges free Toggles the BreakEdges functionality of SketchUp 7+ more info
ToggleText $4.00 Toggle text visibility in SketchUp 7+ more info
ToolbarBuilderDemo free Build custom toolbars for your Ruby scripts and plugins (requires SketchUp 8m2 or higher) more info
ViewMemory free Stores up to 20 previous views. May not work with MAC OS. more info
Weld free Joins connected edges into a "polyline". more info
Windowizer3 free Creates storefront windows from selected faces more info
Windowizer4 $10.00 Creates full 3D storefront windows from selected faces - Sketchup 6 and up more info
Xline free Convert edges to construction lines more info